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Thamesview School is located on the eastern edge of Gravesend, overlooking the Thames estuary and the Metropolitan Green Belt. The design purpose was to meet the new challenges of 21st Century education and a move away from traditional teaching methods.


Opportunity existed for more innovative designs of school buildings with a wider variety of internal and external spaces, and greater scope for fuller use of the premises by the local community.


Project started with the demolition of existing school buildings and the construction of a new two storey school building, the laying out of playing fields, multiuse games area, hard play area and courts, car parking and landscaping.

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The school has a significant number of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), including a number of visually impaired students. The design of the school responds to the school’s vision for a stimulating environment.


The learning spaces are divided into four separate specialist spaces. Each has been built with its own identity, but united by their connection to the central ‘heart’ space onto which their front doors face. Additionally, the school was designed with a ball game area as well as a MUGA.


The school has been designed to achieve an ‘excellent’ BREEAM rating.

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