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At FJ&B our team of experts work closely with our clients to assess and review their existing premises. We will conduct non-intrusive surveys and observe record drawings and information on the facilities to produce comprehensive reports detailing; the longevity, age, condition and life expectancies of the systems currently in place.


We will also provide expert recommendations regarding the remaining life expectancies and system efficiencies, in addition to the risks posed by items which do not confirm to current regulations. From this we can create a staged action plan and identify any items which require immediate attention.


At FJ&B condition surveys are aimed at existing facilities providing information on:

  • Life expectancies

  • Performance improvements


Assessing the longevity of services currently in place and produce reports detailing recommendations such as:

  • Remaining life expectancies

  • Risks on non-conforming items

  • Staged action plan

  • Items requiring immediate attention


Experience and expertise in evaluating existing systems.

  • Non-intrusive premises surveys

  • Review record drawings

  • Review record information

Existing facilities
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