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Festival of Learning – “Have a Go” Part 2

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Greg Allen-Hirst

11 Oct 2021

The month of “Have a Go” has now finished and so it’s time for us to reflect upon what we achieved.

The month of “Have a Go” has now finished and so it’s time for us to reflect upon what we achieved. August wasn’t quite the sunshine month that we all hoped for and so with all the rain we had getting outside and doing these steps was sometimes more challenging than others. The winner eventually completing around 312,000 steps over the 31 days, but a special shout-out to one of the directors of FJ&B who really went out of his way to improve his count week upon week (he finished second overall). The step-counter competition was a bit of fun, but certainly highlighted where we can all do that little bit extra just to improve our overall wellbeing.

The majority of the team went on to complete an online healthy cooking class with The Jamie Olivers Cookery School. We learned how to cook slow-cooked chicken thighs (or vegetables) in a spicy tomato sauce and 3 different salsas as well as the handmade flour tortillas. The teacher was excellent, and the event was a great little social for the team as they were sharing photos throughout. We also developed some new knife skills and were shown some shortcuts to smashing avocados and assessing the spiciness of peppers before we use too many. This was a great example of learning something new and hopefully using these new skills going forward to create delicious, healthy, and simple home cooking.

It's great to think that with a little bit of effort from the individuals and the support of the company, the team at FJ&B has engaged with this awareness month and taken away some small but useful lessons that we have learned to improve our lifestyles. We hope to engage with more awareness months as we continue to grow as our lives are changed and improved when we continue to keep learning and have a go.

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